Spring Cleaning!

With Spring just around the corner, it’s time to dust off those dust pans, make room for the broom, get the cobwebs off… whatever you use to clean cobwebs. Here are some Spring Cleaning Tips from Madison House Cleaning!

1. De-cluttering will making the actual cleaning easier. Think hard when going through your house about anything you don’t use very often, or clothes you don’t wear as much, and get rid of them. Sometimes having a house full of stuff will be enough to make your home feel unclean, and you won’t have to move as much around when dusting and vacumming.

2. Pick a cloudy day to clean your windows. Sunlight will cause the cleaning solution to dry to fast, leaving streaks on your windows.

3. Clean any sliding door tracks. These are commonly over-looked areas, but will be filled with tons of salt, sand and other gunk tracked in throughout winter.

4. Curtains usually aren’t dirty enough to need a once through in the laundry, but are usually cleaned as often as they should be. Use an upholstery attachment and go over them with the vacuum.

5. For an easy upgrade, just add flowers. Picking up a large bouquet of flowers and distributing them through a couple rooms will add a great smell and feel to your house. (And guys, I don’t think your wives will mind if you bring them flowers “just because”)

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