Spring Cleaning Tips!

It’s spring, which means it’s the unofficial cleaning holiday. If you only clean once a year (which I’m hoping you don’t), this is probably the time. Here are some tips that will help make this seasonal a little easier.

-Make checklists for each room

Get ready before hand. Jumping in to cleaning your whole house is going to make your spring cleaning seem that much more daunting and impossible. Break it down into smaller parts. Set up a check list of everything you want to do in each room, and maybe even try tackling just one room each day, and get your whole house done in a week or so.

-Get rid of clutter

Clear out all the extra clutter in your house. It’s going to be harder to clean when you have things to move or clean around. Take extra clothes, toys, extra anything, and donate it, or if it’s unusable, trash it. Or you don’t have to get rid of it, but at least take excess stuff, not used regularly, and put it into storage.

-Get the family involved

There is strength in numbers. Get your whole family cleaning, or get some friends to help. We always ask friends to help us move, why can’t we ask them to help us clean the place we already live in? You should probably still bribe them with pizza though.

Or, to make it super easy, just call us. We even have a spring cleaning special going on! For new clients, just say our secret code, “Spring Has Sprung,” and get 10% OFF your one-time cleaning, or first-time cleaning of a routine service! If you’re reading this and already have a service, pass the info along. Anyone you refer that sets up a routine service with us gets you a FREE cleaning!