Outdoor Fun!

My wife and I have definitely taken advantage of the beautiful weather we’ve been having lately by christening our new kayaks in some nearby lakes. With all the free time you have on your hands since A Helping Hand is cleaning your house, here are a few ideas of how you can get out of that pristine home and into the great outdoors!

If you have kayaks, canoes, or just want to swim, or maybe you hate the water but love laying out in the sun, Wisconsin has some pretty good lakes and beaches for any of those activities. Lake Monana, Mendota, or Wingra are just a few in Madison that are just minutes away.

1260 acres of the world’s oldest and most varied collection of restored ecological communities lies just on the south side of Lake Wingra. Take a walk through tall grass prairies, savannas, forests and wetlands at the University of Wisconsin Arboretum.

So drop the mop, pick up the phone, and call A Helping Hand to take care of all your cleaning so you can be outside! Then drop the phone, and pick up a paddle. Or maybe to save time, bring the phone, and email us from out on the lake.