Oh those stubborn stains…

Red Wine

If you spill red wine, as soon as you can, cover the area with salt. The salt should absorb some of the wine. Then soak in cold water and add a little detergent. Soak it overnight if possible, then remove it and wash it as you normally would.

Chewing Gum

If you get gum on your clothes, basically you need to freeze it to best remove it. You can do this by either get a bag of ice and holding it on the gum, or if possible, putting the article of clothing in the freezer. Then the gum should come right off.

Sauce or Ketchup

Now who hasn’t done this a million times before? If you spill ketchup, or another sauce on your shirt, wipe off the excess sauce, then rinse with cold water. Then, soak in warm water while dabbing the area with a sponge with some liquid soap on it.