Many Hands Make For Light House Work…

Many Hands Make For Light House Work...

Many Hands Make For Light House Work…







When getting the whole family involved with house cleaning chores it can be both an art and a science. Here are a few tips from Madison House Cleaning to help you and your family.

Many Hands Make For Light House Work…

1. Make A Cleaning Checklist For Each RoomWalk through each room and write down each cleaning task. Check out our Cleaning Checklist for examples. Then, use the Cleaning Checklist to help each of your family members know how to take care of your home. Are you using a Cleaning Checklist, tell us about it?

2. Focus on Cleaning One Room A Day For Deep CleaningBy focusing on one room a day you create a cleaning schedule your family can agree on. There will always be daily cleaning responsibilities, but for those larger cleaning needs this will help you bring clear communication to your deep cleaning needs.

3. Get Rid of Clutter, Get Rid of Clutter, Get Rid of Clutter

What is clutter? Clutter is defined as, “a crowded or confused mass or collection” [of stuff]. Clutter only creates confusion. It only crowds a room with many things that are not important. First, you have to recognize you have clutter that needs to be gone through by family members. Second, you need to know everyone deals with clutter. Yes, this is important. Are you moving? Going through a time of change in your life? Expecting a baby? Times of change and transition are always good time to deal with clutter.  There are three main ways to help get rid of clutter and all family members can help.     

1. Garbage (Good ‘ole Chapter 13)

You can not be afraid to throw away those old cooking magazines from 1984 or 1964 that have the one recipe you have been saving and transporting with new move. Instead of saving the entire magazine, tear off the pages you want, and scan them into your computer. Now you have the article or recipe forever. This is just one example of tossing old items. What about larger items? What should we do with those?

 2. Donate (Look to Salvation Army or Good Will)

So, are you holding onto larger items like old kid toys, bikes, clothes, household items, furniture, electronics, and more. Consider donating it to the nearby Salvation Army or Good Will store. In 2013, our family has donated over five van loads of reusable goods to the Salvation Army. We have donated good clothes are kids have grown out of, toys they no longer use, office supplies no longer needed, and more? Are we pass along junk? No, because all of the items we donate are still in good use. We just don’t have need for them any more. The last thing our family always  after we have thought through the first two items is a wonder…really.

3. Sell (More Than A Garage Sale)

There will always be some items you don’t want to throw away, don’t want to keep, but don’t feel donating them is the right path either. We have found selling them would be the best way. My wife used to sell make-up. We had a lot of stock left in our closets. It began to clutter our shelves. We knew we could use the shelves better than with make-up that was just sitting there. I posted one item at a time on Amazon and they began to sell quite rapidly. I began to sell about $100 a month and this was acceptable for us. We had old books and other items we also began to list. More and more items began to sell. I was still selling around $100 a month. Every item we sold was on less item we did not have to clean anymore. It was one less item for us to move in the future or even from room to room. So which one are you planning to do? Let know, share you comments below.