Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day! As a green company, A Helping Hand is excited to celebrate this weekend. Here are some ways you can celebrate.

Plant a tree

Yes, a classic way to celebrate Earth Day. I remember fondly planting trees in Elementary school to celebrate, and it could be a good tradition to start with your children (should you have any).

Nature walk

Spend some time outside, enjoying the Earth. Find a nice wooded path, a park, or nature reserve, and spend an hour just walking around, taking time to notice beautiful animals, foliage, or just bask in the glorious outdoors!

Use no or little electricity

Turn off the lights today! Use as little electricity as possible. During the day keep the lights off, try not watching TV, and maybe read a book by candle light once the sun goes down.

Call us this weekend (Friday-Monday) to find out about the Earth Day specials we have going on!