Halloween Cleaning Tips

Halloween is a scary time. Haunted houses, scary movies, and… toilet paper?! Move over Freddy Krueger, you’re not scary. Now chocolate stains, THOSE are scary! Here are some helpful cleaning tips for some common Halloween problems.

Cleaning fake blood from carpet:

Remove as much as possible by blotting with a paper towel. Then blot the area with an oxygen-based solution until it is covered. Avoid solutions containing bleach. Rinse with a spray bottle of water, and blot until it is gone!

Removing TP from trees:

Did your house get TP’d this year? If so use a tree trimmer to get the toilet paper just in high branches.

Getting dried silly string off:

Dish soap, and even WD-40 has been known to be able to remove dried silly string off of painted surfaces.

Cleaning off chocolate:

Soak the clothing item in cold water, and then treat with pre-wash stain remover. Then put in washer using warm water, and then rinse to make sure stain is fully removed.

Having a Halloween party? Scare your guests with how clean your place is! Call us today to set up a One-Time cleaning before your party, or even one after to clean up after your messy friends.