Fun Family Activities!

You’re a busy person. You work, have a family, have a home to take care of. We can’t work for you, or take care of your family, so let us do what we do best; let us take care of your home! Let us clean your home once a week, every other week, or maybe just once a month, and we’ll give you hours back to your life! What are you going to do with all that extra time? Here are some fun family activities we suggest trying:

Evolving Picture – Sit around the table with your family, and have one person start a picture, with just a couple lines, or small objects, then pass to the next person. That person will add something more to the picture, and so on, until your family has created a work of art together!

Learn Holiday Traditions – Research some fun, and maybe weird holiday traditions that take place around the world. For example, my family takes part in the “Christmas Pickle” tradition, in which the last ornament on the tree is a pickle ornament, and the first kid to find it wins “a prize.” (which was usually just the satisfaction of finding it first…) Who knows, maybe your family might find a tradition they want to start. It adds something fun that you get to look forward to every year!

Treasure in a Dark Room – Turn out all the lights in a room (it helps if it’s in a basement or done at night so it can be completely dark), and hide treats around the room. You and your family will have to crawl around the room to find them, and it doesn’t have to be hidden that well or too detailed, because it’s so dark! Make sure there’s nothing in the room that can hurt anyone if they run into it!

If these all sound really fun, but you’re still cleaning your house and you don’t have enough time, give us a call!



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