Free $40 Gift Card to Your Favorite Madison, WI area Restaurant from


Imagine, the dishes are all clean. The kids are clean. The dog is clean and thanks to A Helping Hand the house is clean. Life is good! You can breath easy, sit back and relax! Well, not so fast! What about dinner? We have that covered. Tonight dinner is our treat. A Helping Hand Residential Cleaning Professionals want to take you out to your favorite restauarant.

We want to give you a FREE $40.00 Gift Card just for scheduling a new One-Time Cleaning or Routine service.

Right now, through Monday November 26, 2012 take advantage of this offer.

Click Here to buy a minimum of two hours of a One-Time Cleaning. In the memo write down the name of your favorite restaurant and we will get out to in just a few days.

Click Here to sign up for Routine Service. Fill out the form and be sure to tell us the name of your favorite restaurant. We will get your gift card out to you too.

Be sure to include your email and any other important contact information.

Now, your home, family, and your pet will surely stay clean and have a great evening out!