Fall Clean Up!

Fall is upon us, so we created a list of tips on cleaning up and preparing for the powerful winter months that lie ahead! Check out the other blogs and deals page on our website for more cleaning tips, and daily deals and specials on all of our cleaning packages! 


General Outdoor

– Clean backyard tools
before storing to avoid rust
– Clean gutters to prevent storing ice and ruining them
– Drain water from garden hoses before storing
– Winterize your boat

– Store or cover patio furniture and grills 
– Clean bird feeders
– Keep your firewood dryand off the ground and away from your home
– Waterproof your wood deck 
– Trim shrubs and treesto prevent spring overgrowth
– Protect concrete from effects of ice and freeze/thaw
provided by menards.com

– Insulate and cover fragile plants
– Dig, clean and store summer bulbs in a cool dark place
– Divide spring and summer perennial plants 
– Plant fall bulbs so they have time to establish in the soil
– Apply winter mulch when the ground is frozen
– Clean up garden debris
Lawn Care
– Drain excess gas from lawn mowers to prevent corrosion
– Sharpen lawn mower blades
– Rake and remove leaves to prevent dead patches of grass in the spring
– Apply a fall winterizer fertilizer

– Insulate drafty windows and patio doors
– Weatherstrip exterior doors
– Consider installing storm doors to keep out drafts
– Install foam insulatorsbehind face plates and light switches
– Insulate your hot water tank
– Install a drying vent draft blocker
– Check your attic for proper insulation
– Set your temperature automatically to save energy set to as low as 60 degrees when you’re not home
– Inspect and test your furnice