Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

A lot of our customers are pet owners, as I’m sure many of you reading this are. Having been a pet owner myself, I know how fun they can be, but also how much more frustrating they can make cleaning. Here are some tips to help make cleaning your house a little easier if you have some hairy roommates (and I don’t mean your husband).

Prevention is key – To reduce the mess they make, regularly bathing and brushing your animals will help keep the fur, dander, and odor the leave in your house to a minimum. Also, keeping a lint brush or roller handy will allow you to pick up hair on furniture more regularly, before a lot builds up.

Pet Hair Removal – Having the right attachment on your vacuum will help get pet hair off of your furniture. The one with crimped nylon bristles works best, using light, even strokes in one direction. Like I said, you can also use a lint roller, or packing tape wrapped around your hand (my personal favorite). Even a damp sponge works well, just make sure the fabric you’re using it on won’t be damaged by the dampness.

Cleaning the Dreaded Litter Boxes – Everyone’s least favorite chore; the litter boxes. Before putting in fresh litter, lightly coat the box with spray on vegetable oil, it will prevent things from sticking, and also absorb some of the odor. Something often overlooked, is washing the litter box every once in a while. Don’t use ammonia or bleach, as the bleach will react with the ammonia in the pet’s urine and create other unpleasant odors. Just clean with soap and water, or an all-purpose cleaner.