Cleaning Those Hard to Reach Areas!

If you’re anything like me, you might have a little trouble cleaning certain areas of your home due to a minor vertical deficiency. In other words, I’m short and can’t clean things that are high up. Here are some tips for all my short people out there!

1. Use a broom for those cobwebs in the upper corners of rooms, twisting it like you’re eating spaghetti.

2. Wrap the end of a hockey stick with a rag to dust ceiling fans. They’re the perfect shape and length.

3. Make tall friends. Casually invite them over to dinner, then put them to work.

4. Work on your glutes. The gluteal muscles are the strongest in the body and aid in standing up straight as well as jumping. Strengthen those with some squats or lunges to improve your vertical leap, and you’ll be cleaning like Michael Jordan in no time!


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