And the Oscar goes to…

It’s a Friday night, and you had your cleaning from A Helping Hand this week, so you don’t have to spend the night cleaning, what are you going to do? How about a movie! Well, that’s going to be $10 for a ticket. And of course you have to have some popcorn during the movie, which will run you about another $5. And that’s going to make you really thirsty, and a soda will be another $5 or so. The costs are starting to pile up, and you haven’t even gotten to your candy, which would really top the night off. That’s $30 (before taxes of course) for two people to see a movie! Good thing we live in an age where you can get movies from a vending machine! That’s right, I’m talking about Redbox, the new movie theater for my wife and I. They have raised their prices recently to about $1.30, but that’s still $8.70 less than a movie ticket. Sometimes we’ll splurge and watch two movies, for a whopping $2.60! And since the Redbox we use is in a McDonalds, we get our soda for $1 a piece. And we have popcorn sitting at home that we bought for $2.50, which means the bag we popped cost us roughly $0.30. So add all that up for a total of about $5! That’s 1/6th the price of going out to a movie, and we get to watch 2! Not to mention the fact that we get to watch it on our comfy couch wearing pajamas.  Now you’re saving time, AND money!

Are you still spending your Friday nights cleaning? Call us.