Activities to do with your Extra Time!

So with all this extra time you have, since A Helping Hand is taking care of your cleaning and all, you’ve decided to work on that New Years Resolution you drop every year: getting in shape. And you drop it every year because you hate going to that boring old gym, mindlessly walking on that treadmill, or moving heavy objects. Here are some fun ways to get in better shape in 2012.

Rock Climbing

This might be one of the more difficult activities I have on my list, but also one of the most fun. And even though it seems hard, most places to go rock climbing have really simple walls for beginners, or even bouldering walls, which is basically a horizontal wall you move from one side to the other on.

Cross country skiing

This one might be the most expensive of the list, just because I can’t think of a place off the top of my head where you can rent cross country ski’s, so you might have to buy your own. I learned how to do this all the way back in gym class in middle school, and it’s a great activity if you don’t like barreling full speed down Cascade Mountain.

Ice skating

Another great outdoors, winter activity. This one is cheap, coming in at under $10 for a lot of rinks, indoor rinks included.

Take a karate class

A lot of martial arts studios have a free trial class if you are looking to try it out, and have a variety of different membership or class fees if you like it and want to keep going. This is probably one of the most fun things I’ve ever done, and coming from someone who workouts fairly regularly, and is in decent shape (just don’t ask my wife), it was one of the hardest workouts I’ve ever done. And that was just after their warm up!

Salsa dancing

This activity is very fun, and very much a cardio exercise. Make sure you wear fairly comfortable shoes, and a shirt that breathes! And men, this is a double whammy, it’s an exercise, and you’ll earn some bonus points with your lady if you bring her dancing!