6 Ways Pet Owners Can Simply House Cleaning

House cleaning and pets go together almost like the air we breathe. They are inseparable! The challenge for pet owners is keeping up your “best friend’s” shedding or “princess'” fur balls on routine basis. Here are six simple tips you can use today to help you keep your home clean and help your pet feel at home.

These are six tips for a Madison area pet owners to keep help keep your home cleaner:

  • Vacuum often. Vacuuming keeps them off the floor as well as dust and dirt tracked in from walks. How often? Try two or three times a week (every other day) and each weekend day to cover the surfaces and pick up loose dust and dirt.
  • Use a dust mop on flat floors. A large head dust mop or mop with disposable covers on hardwood or tile floors can cover a lot of area in a short period of time.
  • Use blankets or towels to cover favored resting areas and to make your pet’s bed. They’re easier to wash, and you should wash them often.
  • Brush your pets frequently to reduce shedding. Every four to six weeks is ideal to prevent any shedding.
  • Don’t use ammonia-based cleaning products. They smell like urine to pets. Instead use water and absorbent towels or a cleaner/neutralizer formulated for pet messes. Blot, never rub. Terry cloth towels can be good, but we use our kids’ old cloth baby diapers.
  • Consider crate training. If your dog has displayed destructive behavior in the past, you can save yourself some trouble and cleanup. It’s not cruel as long as you don’t use it as “punishment.”

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