3 Things To Do In Madison WI I’d Rather Do Other Than House Cleaning

Madison WIDo you love the many great things Madison, WI has to offer around and the surrounding city and surrounding metro? There are so things to take in every year. I don’t know about you. My weekend is pretty precious (not to mention the week). When I am not spending time taking care of my business, I like to spend time with my friends and family.  Cleaning my house is not always at the top my list (true), I love to take in a few of thing wonder things Madison has to offer.

Recently, I started sharing some my interests on my Pinterest page and want to share them with you. Do you have something great you enjoy doing around Mad Town? Please share it with me, Scott Kindberg, owner of www.madisonhousecleaning.net and A Helping Hand.

There is no particular order or level of interest in which I am sharing my favorite places. Enjoy!

3 Things to Do In Madison WI Other Than House Cleaning.


Concert On The Square











Every Summer theWisonsin Chamber Orchestra wows tens of thousand of spectators to some beautifully arranged music. We will go with our chairs or blanket in hand ready for a great night to be amazed by some music in the area. This year Concert On The Square celebrates 30 years. Congratulations!


Dane County’s Farmers’ Market

The Dane County’s Farmers Market is declared “The Largest Producer-Only Farmers” Market in the U.S, according to its website. It surely is a sight to see and experience. The DCFM I was introduced to “spicy cheese bread” from Stella Bakery and also introduced to Gallioth-sized fruit fresh from the farm. Our family comes ready with our red wagon, bags to fill with fresh produce, and an apatite ready for all the homemade goodies.


Henry Villas Zoo












Who doesn’t love animals? How about watching animals for free. The Henry Villas Zoo is one of Madison WI great free attractions. It has been labeled one of the “Best Free Place For Families”. Our family loves Henry Villas Zoo. We will pack a lunch, meet some friends, and spend the day walking through the many exhibits throughout the zoo. There are two areas I love to visit each time I am there. I like seeing the groundhogs with their little community they have built and the bears. I always try to see if I am taller than the polar bear sign each time I visit. My kids love watching their dad measure up to the great creature like the polar bear. The carousel and the train are always a favorite too.


How About You?

Okay. These are a few of my favorite things to other than house cleaning in Madison WI. What are some of yours? Share them below in the comments. I would love to find a few more places to find visit.

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